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Advanced antivirus security for Mac users

Strong antivirus protection is essential for defending yourself against computer viruses and malware. For a long time it’s been believed that Macs were except from viruses and malware. But as Mac grows more and more popular all the time, they’ve become tempting targets for the cybercriminals who design malware. Macs need the same level of protection as Windows machines. Fortunately, Sophos Home is here to help.

Designed to detect viruses and other malware, even those no one’s ever heard of before, Sophos Home uses advanced A.I. to spot malicious behavior before a virus can take hold of your Mac. Plus, it leverages the vast blacklist database created by SophosLabs to block dangerous or compromised websites so you can surf in peace.

 Cybercriminals can spy on your activities, steal your information, hold your computer for a ransom, and destroy valuable data. Viruses can also hide on your device, programmed to run automatically when you open certain types of files. They even exploit security flaws in your computer’s operating system to run and spread automatically.

The free version of Sophos Home provides:

Real-time antivirus protection: Protects against known computer viruses, malware, Trojans, worms, bots, potentially unwanted apps (PUAs), ransomware, and more.

Remote management and access: Secures multiple PCs and Macs from any location through a simple online interface.

Parental website filtering: Allows you to control the content your children can access online by category.

Web protection: Leverages the vast SophosLabs blacklist database to block compromised or dangerous websites.

No credit card required, and no ads: Sophos Home is designed to protect consumers with the same level of antivirus technology used to secure corporate networks.

A free 30-Day trial of Sophos Premium

Sophos Home Premium uses advanced artificial intelligence to track program behavior to detect and block malware. This means when software acts suspiciously, Sophos Home notices, and can even spot malicious code that nobody’s ever seen before. It goes beyond just using a list of existing viruses and protects against the actions malware takes to harm you and your device.

Sophos Home Premium protects your home computers from advanced viruses and malware with the best antivirus security available on the market today.

Sophos Home Premium includes:

Stay Private

Certain viruses and malware try to access to your webcam and microphone, and malicious apps covertly share your personal information. Sophos Home stops all of this to protect your privacy.

Real-time antivirus protection

Protect your Macs against known computer viruses, malware, Trojans, worms, bots, potentially unwanted apps (PUAs), ransomware, and more.

A Small File

Sophos Home starts with an initial scan and removal process, and once your device has been scanned, you’ll barely know Sophos is there – until you need to.

Manage Your Security – Remotely

Sophos Home offers a simple interface that enables you to manage your device and up to 10 others from anywhere. Are you your family’s IT director? Your job just got easier.

On-Demand Scanning

Do you have a bad feeling you just clicked on a malicious email? Run a scan to be sure. Sophos Home has on-demand scanning so you can rest assured that your Mac is safe.

Phishing Security

Viruses can come at your Mac from anywhere, including phishing emails or compromised websites. Sophos Home blocks those threats automatically.

IGN Review
Macworld Editors Choice 2019
SE Labs AAA 2019

The protection you need for all your personal devices for one low price.

No gimmicks. No add-ons. No third-party advertisements.

  • Malware scan and clean
  • AI Threat Detection
  • Ransomware Security
  • Security Management
  • Privacy Protection
  • Web Protection
  • Real-Time Antivirus
  • Parental Web Filtering
  • Premium Support

Don’t leave your Mac unprotected from viruses

Mac users know that their devices are becoming high-value targets for hackers. Don’t leave your Mac unsecured and unprotected. A powerful antivirus program like Sophos Home can ensure your Mac stays free from advanced viruses and malware.

Sophos Home isn’t just an antivirus program, however. It goes above and beyond, encrypting your keystrokes and blocking malicious websites. Put up a protective barrier between yourself and vulnerable web browsers wherever you go.

Download Sophos Home antivirus today

Here at Sophos, we’re innovators in antivirus technologies, focusing on developing new applicable technologies to detect and remove viruses and ransomware as well as stop hacking, phishing, and other forms of cybercrime. We offer experience stretching back over 30 years. Today, our products help scan and remove viruses for nearly 400,000 organizations worldwide in 150 countries.