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Advanced protection against hacking

Hacking attacks try to access computers to steal information, install malware, launch a ransomware attack, or enter a network through unsecure computers. An unprotected home computer is a low-hanging fruit for hackers. They can have a field day stealing sensitive data and converting your computer into a launchpad to attack business networks.

Don’t worry – Sophos Home has got you covered. It offers layered defense against hacking attacks to secure your computer. Sophos Home Premium prevents hackers from gaining control over your applications and OS and exploiting their vulnerabilities. It actively seeks out and analyzes suspicious behavior and activities, stopping compromised systems or rogue process from accessing sensitive personal information.

Sophos Home also uses advanced anti-ransomware technology to proactively and continuously monitor system processes that interact with critical data. In the event it detects unauthorized data encryption, this action is terminated, and data changes rolled back.

Sophos Home Premium blocks hacking with:

Hacking Attack Prevention
Sophos Home blocks exploits and techniques used by hackers to secretly steal financial information, personal credentials, distribute malware and invade your privacy.
SophosLabs Threat Intel
Real-time threat intelligence from SophosLabs ensures your home computer is protected from new and developing viruses, hacking attacks, ransomware attacks, phishing attacks and much more.
Comprehensive Scanning
Feel something is off about your PC? Do you suspect a virus has infected your computer? On-demand scanning from Sophos Home helps you run a virus scan to spot viruses infecting your system.
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Sophos Home Premium

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Block hacking with next-gen antivirus

Sophos Home brings together business-grade endpoint security features like advanced virus scanning, cutting-edge exploit protection, behavioral detection, and artificial intelligence to protect your PCs and Macs from known and unknown malware.

Every program you download is scanned in real time and data from doubtful websites and servers is analyzed proactively to identify malicious files. It creates an impenetrable protective barrier against web borne threats, allowing you to browse the internet safely and securely.

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Here at Sophos, we’re innovators in online security, focusing on developing new applicable technologies to detect and remove adware plus stop other forms of cybercrime with experience stretching back over 30 years. Sophos is a worldwide leader in next-generation cybersecurity, protecting more than 500,000 organizations and millions of consumers in more than 150 countries from today’s most advanced cyberthreats.

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