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Advanced virus blocking

Strong antivirus protection is essential for defending your home computers from malware and other online threats.

The harmful effects of viruses range from slowing down your computer to stealing or destroying data, or even handing hackers control over your computer. Viruses can attach themselves to other programs or hide in code that runs automatically when you open certain types of files. Sometimes viruses exploit security flaws in your computer’s operating system to run and spread automatically.

Sophos Home Premium doesn’t just stop known viruses. It uses advanced artificial intelligence to track program behavior to spot when software on your computer is acting suspiciously. This is how Sophos recognizes and blocks viruses that nobody’s ever seen before.

Sophos Home blocks viruses by leveraging the vast, continuously updated SophosLabs database of threats in addition to real-time behavioral detection, providing the best virus protection available on the market today.

Sophos Home Premium blocks viruses with:

Award-Winning Antivirus Security
Protect your home computers with the same antivirus technologies that Sophos uses to secure over 500 million organizations worldwide.
Windows and Mac Protection
Viruses don’t just target PCs anymore. Macs are just as at risk to advanced threats. Block viruses on both Windows and Mac home computers with a high level of security you can trust.
A Small File
After the thorough initial scan and removal process is completed, you’ll barely know Sophos Home is there. All that protection in a tiny package that won’t eat up space on your hard drive.
Anywhere Access
Nobody enjoys being your entire family’s default IT person. Make that job easier with Sophos Home. Secure your relatives’ computers remotely before they’re hit with a virus attack.
On-Demand Scanning
Do you suspect that a virus is already running on your system? Sophos Home will run a scan for viruses that don’t show with the default scans included with your computer.
Web and Social Media Blockers
Avoid sites where viruses lie in wait. Sophos Home makes it easy to choose and block categories per device, minimizing security holes these sites take advantage of.
“Hands down the best results I have ever seen! …Absolutely flawless!”
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“Excellent scores in our hands-on tests and independent lab tests."
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Macworld Editors Choice 2021
“…the most extensive and up-to-date approach to fighting malware at an unbeatable price."

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Don’t rely on default antivirus programs

Sophos Home uses advanced virus removal and scanning technologies, behavioral detection, and artificial intelligence to spot viruses nobody’s even heard of yet. Sophos Home scans downloaded programs in real time, plus it analyzes data from questionable websites and servers you come across to detect malicious threats, exploits, and vulnerabilities.

Sophos Home Premium goes even further, stopping cybercriminals from stealing your information by encrypting your keystrokes and blocking dangerous phishing sites. It puts up a protective barrier between you and vulnerable web browsers wherever you go.

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Here at Sophos, we’re innovators in online security, focusing on developing new applicable technologies to detect and remove adware plus stop other forms of cybercrime with experience stretching back over 30 years. Sophos is a worldwide leader in next-generation cybersecurity, protecting more than 500,000 organizations and millions of consumers in more than 150 countries from today’s most advanced cyberthreats.

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