Cybersecurity for Gaming

Protect your gaming PC and privacy from the
latest gaming malware – like Baldr.

Gamers are being pwnd by cybercrime gangs

Malware like Baldr hides in cheats and perks for games like Fornite and Counter Strike. Instead of helping players beat the system, it takes their personal information. This includes passwords, credit card info, browsing history, instant messages, and VPN credentials. It can also download additional malware to further infect and exploit your computer.

Sophos Home Premium protects
gamers in three primary ways:


Utilizing layered, advanced security

Sophos Home deploys behavioral detection, advanced exploit protection, antivirus, and AI-based static detection that work in tandem to protect gamers.


Scanning what you touch

Sophos Home protects file transfers from questionable gaming sites and servers by analyzing network traffic to detect malicious traffic. It also scans downloaded files in real time as they are written to the file system.


Protecting you online

Sophos Home encrypts keystrokes typed in the browser and prevents visits to malicious phishing sites. It also adds additional layers of security around vulnerable browsers.

IGN Review

“…a standing army on the opposite side of a moat filled with rabies-infected alligators”

PC Security Channel Video Review

“Hands down the best results I have ever seen! …Absolutely flawless!”
The PC Security Channel

SE Labs AAA 2019

Awarded highest AAA
Total Accuracy Rating

Have more than just one computer? Have friends? Protect them all.
One license of Sophos Home Premium covers 10 PCs.