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Advanced Threat Protection

The threat landscape continues to change daily. Cybercriminals constantly try to perfect the art of breaching our computers and stealing our personal data. Traditional antivirus – which relies heavily on writing and distributing new signatures to block known threats – is no longer enough. Hundreds of thousands of never-seen-before malware variants are discovered every day. Home users and businesses need advanced solutions to protect themselves from this constant stream of emerging threats, including nasty malware. With over 300,000 new viruses being released daily, it can take hours or days to get new patches out, leaving users vulnerable for a time.

Sophos Home goes far beyond traditional antivirus with powerful, real-time behavioral detection. It analyzes the behavior of programs and files, looking for any malicious or damaging actions rather than relying on signatures. This allows Sophos Home to stop a previously unknown virus instantly – keeping users protected every second of the day.

Sophos Home Free includes a free 30-day trial of Premium plus an immediate Advanced Malware Removal to thoroughly clean your computer of any current malware infections.

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