Why Parental Web Filtering is Critical to Keep Children Safe on the Internet?

February 4th, 2020
Parental Web Filtering

Technology has made it very easy for children to seek out or accidentally stumble upon content parents may not deem appropriate for them. But it’s also nearly impossible to always be right there when your child is online.  

So, what is the solution?

Asking your child to not to browse the internet probably isn’t the answer. Today, the internet is a pervasive part of their school lives: the internet is used for researching school reports, getting more information about a particular subject, and a whole lot more. Plus, it can be a source of harmless entertainment. A child’s access to and the use of internet has a huge bearing on the child’s growth and development from the knowledge perspective. 

But, here’s the catch. On the internet, there is a very thin ‘fence’ that separates access to harmful and harmless content. Imagine a child entering a ‘phrase’ or ‘word’ on search. He will be presented a huge list of links that he can browse. What if he clicks on the ‘wrong’ kind of link?

This means the fence needs to strengthened, and this is where parental web filtering enters the picture.

But before we talk about parental web filtering, it is important to get an idea of the kind of threats that children face online:

Threats that necessitate parental control and web filtering

  • Kids unintentionally click on links that can download malware on your PC
  • Kids visit sites that have harmful/obscene content or access sites that have illegal content like pirated music and movies
  • Kids, without realizing they are doing so, get in touch with people who mean them harm, e.g. internet predators
  • Kids access sites that ask them to key in credit card details or sensitive personal information (a site might also ask for parent details); this can result in cybercriminals gaining access to your sensitive credentials
  • You have very little or no control over the time your kids spend on the internet

Web filtering tips for parents

  • Inform your kids about the dangers they face online; explain how critical it is for them not to share sensitive information
  • Get more clarity on the browsing habits of your kids
  • Monitor their online behavior and conversations on social networks
  • Keep track of their internet downloads
  • Install an antivirus that offers comprehensive parent control web content filter options
  • Block all the sites that your kids visit you believe they shouldn’t
  • Make sure the parental control and web filter protects your personal information
  • Ensure the parental web filter blocks access to specific app and prevents file downloads from disreputable sites

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