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Why does your Mac need antivirus protection?

The tighter control exercised over the Apple ecosystem makes Macs more secure, but cyberthreats are growing more sophisticated by the day. Macs are not immune to threats. Your Mac security should keep in step with rapidly evolving attack vectors such as phishing, identity theft, ransomware, trojans, rootkits and more. Antivirus protection helps protect your Mac from threats posed by increasing attack surfaces and vectors. The focus of Sophos Home for Mac is to improve your Mac’s cybersecurity posture with enterprise-grade security that offers comprehensive protection against the widest range of threats, both known and unknown.

Sophos Home Mac antivirus protects your Macs from ransomware by shutting down processes that encrypt personal information. It then reverts data to a pre-tampered state. It also blacklists malicious websites, making sure you do not inadvertently connect to them. Couple this with privacy protection and the ability to share and manage computer security with multiple devices, and you have an antivirus that offers end-to-end protection.

With free antivirus for Mac, you are taking proactive steps to boost security from Mac-related threats and not worrying about sensitive information on your Mac falling into the wrong hands.

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macOS Features
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Sophos Home Premium
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リアルタイムの Mac 向けウイルス対策
既知の Mac マルウェア、ウイルス、トロイの木馬、ワーム、ボット、不要と思われるアプリ (PUA)、ランサムウェアなどから保護します。
保護者向け Web サイトフィルタ機能
Mac Web プロテクション
膨大な SophosLabs ブラックリストデータベースを活用して、侵害された Web サイトや危険な Web サイトへの接続を阻止します。
シンプルな Web インターフェースから、任意の場所の複数のデバイスを保護します。
Mac 向けランサムウェア対策
Sophos Home Premium 無償評価版は 30日後に失効します
Web カメラやマイクへの不必要なアクセスをブロックし、アプリが個人情報を密かに共有することを阻止します。
Sophos Home Premium 無償評価版は 30日後に失効します
24時間 365日アクセス可能なソフォスのサポートデータベースの他、月曜から金曜の 8am~8pm (東部標準時間) にサポート担当者にメールとチャットでアクセス可能 (英語のみ)。日本語でのサポートはございません。
Sophos Home Premium 無償評価版は 30日後に失効します
Windows PC および macOS デバイス

Sophos Home Premium

Save 25%
Premium を購入

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Mac system requirements for Sophos Home?

The following are the Mac system requirements (latest OS version for full system support):

Do you need virus protection on a Mac?

Yes, you need virus protection for Mac, because even Macs are susceptible to virus attacks and vulnerability exploits. If you want to keep your Macs safe and secure and ensure the information on your devices is well-protected, third-party antivirus such as Sophos for Mac is the answer.

Do Macs have built-in antivirus?

Yes, Macs have a built-in antivirus to keep the system safe from malware, and technologies such as ASLR, XD, and SIP ensure malware is unable to harm the system and even processes with root permission, and cannot change important system files.

Sophos Home は、個人の非商用の使用を対象としています。ソフォスのサイバーセキュリティをビジネス、商用、または政府機関で使用する場合は、Sophos Central を から無償でお試しください。